How it works
  • Remote FTP server
    Most often, the video recorded by the camera takes a lot of time and requires a lot of time to view. A series of photographs is enough to understand what happened. Most IP cameras can, by motion detection or periodically in time, record photos of what is happening on a remote FTP server. This service is such an FTP server with a convenient interface and the necessary settings for ease of use.
  • Photos and events

    The photos recorded by the camera are grouped into “events”. An event is a group of photographs recorded in a single time interval.

    The gap can be configured, by default it is 50 seconds. This means that if two photos are taken within 50 seconds, they will be considered one event.

  • Snapshot storage time

    Pictures are not stored forever, the oldest ones are deleted automatically when either the disk space allocated for storing pictures of this camera (ends), or when the expiration date (sets), or when the total disk space for the account ends (corresponds to the selected tariff plan).

    If it is possible to adjust the resolution of images - do not try to specify the maximum. Most cameras work more stable with medium sized shots.

  • Mobile app
    Download the Android-application and enable "Enable notification" in the camera settings to receive event notifications.