Use cases
  • Outdoor surveillance

    Our service will help you track the visits and activities of people entering the surrounding area, as well as cars entering.

    • - private house and yard monitoring.
    • - monitoring the territory of an apartment building that has its own fenced (OSBB, cooperatives).
    • - territory of the enterprise.
    Saved photos of events will help in case of any incident (damage to the house area, theft from a car, etc.)
  • Indoor surveillance

    You can watch what is happening at home in your absence. Using the service you can:

    • - see when the child returned from school
    • - look after your pet.
  • Observation in rarely visited places

    We offer a budget solution for monitoring such premises, and where people go (come) only and sometimes:

    • - country house. A camera in the courtyard will show who came to the site in your absence.
    • - garage.
    • - a room where valuable equipment is installed (telecommunications, heat meters, etc.), for example

    This information is valuable in the event of any incident (equipment failure, theft, etc.)

  • Tracking visitor actions

    You can track the actions of visitors. Small business. Monitoring visitors, monitoring compliance with labor discipline, resolving disputes based on the video archive.

    • - see when employees came / left work
    • - see how many customers come to your store /hairdresser /office
  • Duplication of existing video surveillance

    The camera can write simultaneously to your registrar and to our service. For reliability and in case of damage or theft of the registrar.

  • ---
    No expensive equipment needed

    Using the service does not require the purchase of expensive equipment. Our service can work with any IP-camera, and you can view images on your smartphone, tablet or PC.